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How to Detect Common Suspension Problems  

Common suspension problems are bound to be encountered because the suspension takes the heaviest wear of all components on a car.

The car’s suspension is also a critical component of the car as it keeps the vehicle stable while driving and ensures driver and passenger safety.

The suspension, steering and braking systems are linked thus making it vital to conduct proper maintenance on them to ensure your vehicle remains in the best possible condition.

Two Brothers Auto Service can take care of your car's suspenstion problems. Here is what to look out for;

Sudden jerks over bumps
Sharp jerks are also common suspension problems and can be detected while driving. You should notice if the car bottoms out after a bump. If there is a sudden jerk after a bump then you may need to replace the struts or shocks.

Unstable steering:
A car should remain stable while driving at high speed and if the care seems to swing or veer while driving them you may need to replace some suspension components as they may be worn or weak and unable to stabilize the vehicle. The steering should also be soft and easily manageable if you swerve at high speed.

Drifting to one side on straight roads
​Drifting is also considered among common suspension problems that many people misunderstand for wheel alignment. You should have the wheel alignment checked and test the vehicle on a straight road. Hold the steering gently and if it veers that means one of the shocks is weak

Vibration while driving
Another common suspension problem is sudden vibrations once a car attains a certain speed. These problems could also been linked to the steering rack or tie-rod ends.

Clucking and banging sounds while driving
While driving, if you hear banging and clucking sounds, that is an indication the suspension is in need of urgent repair. In this case you may need to replace the bushings.

Screeching sounds and rubbing of the wheel while driving
Screeching or rubbing of the wheel on the cars body while driving especially while taking turns is also considered among the common suspension problems. This usually indicates overall weakening of the suspension. You may need to replace bushings or the coil spring.

Suspension Problems